Sculpture on my back yard

Artist: Bill Fleming (my landlord/neighbor)


Tips on getting traffic to your blog

The Blog Herald offers some basic tips to help get more blog traffic. Read the post here.

The reasoning behind using trackbacks over pings is a matter of using search engine algorithms to your advantage. In search engine land, your site will score higher if the sites you are linking to are,  relevant to the content on your site. If you blog about cats and you are linking to blogs about cars, the link will not score as well as a link to another cat blog.

You can find a simple trackback tutorial here.

Regarding links, you can link to any and every site on the web, but you will score higher if the links are to sites related to your content, and – more importantly – if the site links back to you. It’s like a internet handshake. Another important factor is linking to larger, high-profile, big-traffic sites.

The most important factor, of course, is to write, write, write. The more content you have, especially relevant content, the more you are likely to get noticed. This also gives more opportunity to your site readers to make comments and trackbacks to your site. One thing to consider when making posts is to keep the size of the post down. Long-winded text can look daunting to read. Short entries are more likely to be read and digested. If at all possible, break the ideas up into smaller posts.

With that said, search engine submission is a topic that I will save for a separate post.

Web developer’s resources

There are plenty ofresources out there for coding and designing web pages. The Web Developer’s Handbook is one. There are plenty of other great sites out there that also include forums, site reviews and general community-feel. Stylegala is another site I like to frequent. They have some nice resources, like the CSS reference page (always handy in a pinch – great learning tool as well) and a site gallery for inspiration.

There are far too many resources to cover in one post, so I will try to keep up by posting amazing snippets when I find them.